CHILI COOKOFF LAUNCHES CAMPAIGN Kathy Deevers didn’t win a year ago when she entered the Duncan Regional Hospital’s annual United Way of Stephens County Chili Cookoff that... Read more
Think We Before Me Donate Now
By supporting the United Way you are making a difference in our community. Please go to our Give page to make a donation to the United Way. Read more
Every year each United Way is required to adhere to a set of standards and requirements that have been dictated by United Way World Wide.  In order to be able to use the United... Read more
Readers and Leaders is dedicated to impacting student success. Readers and Leaders is a mentoring program designed to improve listening, speaking, reading and comprehension skills... Read more
Women's Leadership Council
United Way Women's Leadership Councils believe that when a network of caring, powerful women get together to engage hands on to drive change, anything is possible. Prove us right... Read more

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